Thursday, June 26, 2014

Santa Ana Plumbing Solutions

There is a cure for the summertime blues here in Santa Ana - at least if those blues are caused by plumbing problems that can crop up this time of year. Make sure your summertime living is easy by following some simple preventive tips to keep your plumbing healthy - and having access to a professional plumber just in case.

Starting on the outside of your home, if you have embedded sprinklers, they’re liable to be more in use now than at any other time of year. So be sure to clean the heads, and inspect them for any wear and tear.

Inside, avoid wear and tear on your dishwasher, garbage disposal, and kitchen drains following these tips:

Rinse dishes before they go in the dishwasher.
Keep foods like stringy celery, banana peels, watermelon rinds, and corncobs out of your disposal and into the trash or composting can.
Run water before and after you use your disposal to keep the drain line clear. Let the water run for at least fifteen seconds after you’ve put any food down the drain.
Do watch what and how much you put down your disposal at one time.

In the laundry room, with heavier loads of clothes passing through your washing machine, due to summer activities, there are more problems that can occur and wear and tear on your washer and dryer. Replace washing machine hoses regularly every few years to prevent cracks in the lines. Don’t overload your washer. And shake out clog-inducing sand before you toss that bathing suit and beach towel into the machine.

In the bathroom: vacation time means more people in your house, and more toilet paper in use. Limit the amount of paper passing through the pipes at any given time, keep a plunger handy.

And connecting all your plumbing is your sewer line of course. Tree roots grow in summer and can cause intrusion into your lines. Have a plumber inspect your line pipes and let you know if any damage has occurred or if you’re susceptible to problems. A non-intrusive plumbing camera can quickly assess any trouble spots and prevent issues or keep solutions simple.

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